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Arnold Converter

Credit: Siddharth Bolurker – V-ray scenes converted to Arnold.

10.01.2020 – Update2020-01-10T17:45:03+01:00


  • Jira AC-94 Corona Sky to Arnold/max Sky
  • Jira AC-95a Corona Area light to Arnold Area light
  • Jira AC-95b Corona disk light to Arnold disk light

The Corona lights currently converts these sub feature sets to Arnold:

  • Color
  • Kelvin
  • Texture map
  • Dimensions
  • Rotation/location
  • intensity
12.12.2019 – Update2020-01-10T17:42:14+01:00


  • Jira AC-79 Vray 2side returned black backside if just 1 map was used, fixed now.
  • Jira AC-80 Vray Override Material to Arnold Ray Switch Shader
  • Jira AC-75 Vray EdgeTex to Arnold Rounded corner shader
  • Jira AC- Legacy Checker to OSL Checker
  • Jira AC-84 New unique map added – Reoiented Normal Map, blending normals like a BOSS. This blender is a superior constuct, handle with care.
03.12.2019 – Update2019-12-12T02:23:34+01:00


  • Jira AC-67 Vray Material can now have either Legacy Normal, Corona normal, or Vray normal plugged in to bump slot and if non of those, we add an Arnold 2D bump node, so bump slot should be rubust now from Vray -> Arnold
  • Jira AC-68 We inject an OSL invert node in specular roughness if there is something connected to the slot to get better roughness translation since Vray is reversed logic.
02.12.2019 – Update2019-12-03T22:39:31+01:00


  • Jira AC-63: Corona Bitmap to OSL Uber Bitmap
  • Jira AC-61: Legacy Bitmap to OSL Uber Bitmap
  • Jira AC-56: Fixed the constant spawning bump node that would destroy normals, now checked against ArchModels random asset and it works better now.
  • Jira AC-62: Vray MtlWrapper to Arnold Passthrough
  • Jira AC-58: Flipped specular roughness input with an extra Invert Color OSL node on top of the shader, so specular roughness should now be usable to some extend and translate much closer, I tested on a random ArchModels asset and it looks fairly close.
  • Jira AC-59: Legacy Falloff to OSL Falloff, this is first step to port Legacy Falloff, right now it just opens up for Arnold GPU rendering.
  • Jira AC-64: Vray HDRI to OSL Uber Bitmap
28.11.2019 – Update2019-12-02T03:35:35+01:00


Vray area light

  • Targets translate now if enabled.

Vray Material

  • Fixed an issue with the transparency

Corona maps

  •  Corona FrontBack shader to OSL FrontBack shader

Corona Materials

  • Corona Layered Material to Arnold Layered Material

Legacy maps

  • Legacy Output to OSL Output map ( This map is just a passthrough node for now to get rid of the legacy node, an update will come to transfer values.
18.11.2019 – Update2019-11-28T21:06:51+01:00


Vray Light Material to Physical Material

  • Color
  • Texture map
  • Opacity map
  • Multiplier respecting scene luminance
25.10.2019 – Update2019-11-29T01:30:40+01:00


This update should return better visuals when shading vegetation.
Arnold SSS with thin wall check, and porting the Corona translucency map to Arnold SSS color.

  • Corona Material, flipped refraction value
  • Enable Thin wall check
  • Enable Corona Translucency map
  • Enable Corona translucency level
22.10.2019 – Update2019-10-25T19:45:44+02:00


  • Added Corona AO
  • Added Corona Bitmap
  • Added Coronal normal map
  • Added Corona Triplanar ( single map mode )
  • Added Corona color ( rewritten in OSL )
  • Fixed base color Corona Material
  • Added Vray color ( rewritten in OSL
20.10.2019 – Update2019-10-23T13:59:31+02:00


  • Added Vray Blend Material
  • Flipped Roughness fixed on Vray Material

Is something broken? Or do you miss a specific feature?

Contact me at with sample files or descriptions of the problem and I will take a look at it.
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What is the Arnold Converter and how do I use it?

  • The Arnold Converter experience is based around the Scene converter in 3DS MAX.
  • It gives users a chance to update legacy shaders, materials and lights from V-ray & Corona and other legacy constructs found in a default max install and render with Arnold, without having to manually convert everything by hand.
  • The Arnold Converter also contains custom OSL shaders, build with the sole purpose of replicating feature sets in the legacy nodes.

Supported features you can convert:

Vray Materials:

  • Vray material
  • Vray 2 sided material
  • Vray light material to Physical Material & Arnold Material
  • Vray Blend Material
  • Vray Mtl Wrapper
  • Vray Override Material

Vray Shaders:

Vray Lights:

  • Vray Area light
  • Vray portal light
  • Vray disc light
  • Vray mesh light
  • Vray point light

Corona Materials:

  • Corona material
  • Corona Layer Material

Corona Shaders:

Legacy Shaders:

  • Legacy bitmap to OSL Uber Bitmap & Arnold Image
  • Legacy color correct
  • Legacy composit map
  • Legacy mix map
  • Legacy vertex color
  • Legacy Output
  • Legacy Falloff
  • Legacy Checker to OSL Checker

You need to have a Vray NEXT/Corona trial installed, no license needed.

Download Arnold Converter

( Access the script files on the github repository HERE )

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Short install and usage guide:

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