Arnold Shading: Texture Memory Management

Opening Paragraph:

  • What is this article about?
  • Use if / then to start with
  • Tell a story
  • Mistakes people often make
  • If you are doing that, then here is how to save yourself from “that”
  • When it comes to the thing, here is what to know
  • Here is what your should know about
  • Introduce main talking points ( 3 )
  • Tell them the benefit of reading the article
  • Tell the what kind of pain they will be freed from

Article Body:

  • Your 3 main talking point paragraphs
  • Each has 3 sub-points that you can turn into content
  • Open each talking point paragraph with a general statement
  • Introduce and explain in more detail each sub-point ( 9 )
  • Transition from one talking point to the next using phrases that connect one idea to another

Resource Box:

  • Dont end articles, instead have your last main talking point transition into your resource box
  • Additional info
  • Download links
  • Links to related topics