• Jira AC-63: Corona Bitmap to OSL Uber Bitmap
  • Jira AC-61: Legacy Bitmap to OSL Uber Bitmap
  • Jira AC-56: Fixed the constant spawning bump node that would destroy normals, now checked against ArchModels random asset and it works better now.
  • Jira AC-62: Vray MtlWrapper to Arnold Passthrough
  • Jira AC-58: Flipped specular roughness input with an extra Invert Color OSL node on top of the shader, so specular roughness should now be usable to some extend and translate much closer, I tested on a random ArchModels asset and it looks fairly close.
  • Jira AC-59: Legacy Falloff to OSL Falloff, this is first step to port Legacy Falloff, right now it just opens up for Arnold GPU rendering.
  • Jira AC-64: Vray HDRI to OSL Uber Bitmap