09 November 2020

36 max scripts added in the Scene Converter folder. Scripts point towards OSL and Arnold from misc. other initiatives such as Legacy, Vray, Corona. You can ease the process of converting material and shaders, as well as some light functionalities.
The Uber Bitmap Random Tiling map, is based on Zap’s original Bitmap Random Tiling. The updated map has 2 new features, Seamless and Albedo.


1. Download Tool Kit
2. Follow the install instructions.

System Requirements

3DS Max 2020+ ( 2020,2021,etc).
Newest Arnold install.
Trial version of Vray Next & Corona if you use the scene converter scripts.

New Stuff

  • Uber Bitmap Random Tiling added. The map provides 2 new features, Albedo mode and seamless tiling mode.
  • Add 2020 in the plugin .xml
  • Make the installer work simpler: A simple reinstall should update the folder. without a version number inside Max.
  • Add 36 Scene Converter scripts to the installer and deploy in Scene Converter folder inside the Tool Kit main folder.

Bug fixes

  • Uber Bitmap random tiling: Fixed the reverse gamma on the Albedo pass.